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Our Philosophy

Maggie Bryant, Tara's Founder

Maggie Bryant, Tara’s Founder

Maggie Bryant, Tara’s Founder, is a past-two term Chairperson of the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation and retired from her board position in 2001.

Maggie has been awarded the prestigious Chevron Conservation Award as well as the Governor’s Award for Conservation in Mississippi. She is active in conservation measures around the world.

Tara’s philosophy is founded on a strong commitment to the management, development, and sustainable use of a broad spectrum of natural resources. Tara recognizes the importance of wildlife, timber, water, wetlands, agriculture and recreation in maintaining a high quality of life for current as well as future generations.

To this end, Tara has endowed the future by placing all 9,000 acres under conservation easements. As a further commitment to conservation, in December of 2001 Tara was deeded to a private foundation, Purvis Grange Foundation Inc. While promoting an appreciation of the environment through educational and direct-performance activities that conserve land and protect the wildlife that inhabit it, Tara is a model center for the study of habitat and the animals that are part of the ecosystem.

Timber extraction

Timber extraction

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