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5 Great Local Nature Photography Spots to Check Out

Photographs can capture the emotion and simple beauty of nature. Whether it’s a photo of a beautiful landscape or a graceful animal, you want your photos to immerse the viewer in the moment, to share your awe. 5 Great Local Photography Spots to Check Out Your backyard – you might be surprised what wildlife ventures into your backyard. Spend some time in […]

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Indian Pink: Native Plant of the Month

As you walk out of  the Herbert Bryant Conference Center and head to the dining hall you can’t miss the bright pop of red color created by the Indian pink plants in the shady parts of our native plant garden. It’s worth stopping to take a closer look. This perennial plant is known as woodland pinkroot or Indian pink (Spigelia […]

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What Is the Spring Birding Weekend Like? A Personal Account

In spite of the high winds and looming storm, the Spring Birding Weekend this year was a great event! We had 48 attendees ranging in ages from 7 to 73 years old.  Guests reported seeing or hearing 69 bird species including black-bellied whistling ducks, bobolinks, prothonotary warblers, orchard orioles, Baltimore orioles, indigo buntings, common gallinules, soras, anhingas, […]

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Common Pawpaw: Native Plant of the Month

Pawpaw fruit

If you’ve stumbled across the large greenish-yellow fruit of the pawpaw in the woods at Tara, you might have wondered what it was. These oblong, oddly shaped fruits grow sometimes as large as 6 inches long! The common pawpaw tree (Asimina triloba) can be seen in our native plant garden and grows in bottomland soils […]

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Tips for Canoeing at Tara

Gently paddling your canoe across the lake in the early hours of a morning sunrise can really open your eyes to the world around you. You can hear the birds singing from across the lake and you might even get to see deer, wading birds, or even a coyote coming to drink at the water’s […]

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