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Bald Cypress Tree: Native Plant of the Month

When you picture Mississippi swamps and lakes, you probably think of bald cypress trees growing in the water, with their knees sticking out of the water like so many miniature hills in a landscape. We’ve got some of these trees growing just outside the door of Tara Lodge, at the edge of the lake. Their […]

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A Study in Hardwood Sustainability

Habitat at Tara Wildlife

For you who have been associated with Tara Wildlife and its varied woodland habitats, you are most likely aware of the ever changing face of the Tara landscape. Some changes are the result of unintended environmental forces such as wind, water, insects, disease or a combination of these factors. Other changes are the result of […]

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Tara Wildlife as an Important Bird Area (IBA) for Bird Conservation

Bald Eagles at Tara Wildlife

The National Audubon Society partners with Bird Life International to identify, monitor, and protect the Important Bird Areas (IBA) in the United States. Tara Wildlife has been designated as an IBA, the only privately owned IBA in Mississippi, since the assessment in 2008 ( Important Bird Areas are selected based on the criteria set out […]

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Wildflowers in the Grass – Stop and Smell the Roses

Clasping Venus's Looking Glass (Triodanis biflora)

There are always so many things to do in a day, aren’t there? We have our to-do lists, jobs, errands, and more pulling us in multiple directions. Sometimes it’s hard to remember to pause and take a look at the world around us. Stop and Smell the Roses, or Wildflowers As we were walking around Tara the other day […]

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