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Summer Camp Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the most frequently asked questions we get about our summer camps are listed below. If you need more information, please give us a call.

Will my child get his/her Hunter Ed Certification? What if he/she lives in another State?

We teach and test for the Mississippi Hunter Ed Certification. If your child passes and is 10 years old within the calendar year, he/she will be certified. The certification is good for all States that they wish to hunt in. A card will be mailed from MDWFP to you within 6 to 8 weeks.

Are cell phones permitted at camp?

We collect all cell phones at arrival and will return them to you on check out day.

What are roommates arrangements?

If you do not specify a buddy for a roommate, we will attempt to assign a roommate for your child close to the same age.

How many counselors does your camp have and what age are they?

Tara’s Camp Director has been employed in this position for over 10 years. Other full time Tara Staff members also assist with camp activities. Additionally, we employ up to two female and two male Youth Counselors to assist with camp. Background checks are required for all full and part time Tara Staff members assisting with camp.

My child has limited experience with firearms and archery. Do you require that they participate in all shooting activities?

Although we encourage each child to participate in all camp activities, it is by no means mandatory that a child take part in shooting and other sports.

May I telephone my child or may they call home at evenings to chat about how things are going at camp?

Generally, campers or parents that are home/child sick work through the feeling within the first day or so. Phones calls may be disruptive and tend to snowball homesick feelings with other children. Mailing letters to campers is encouraged.

How is the food at camp and what if my child has an allergy to some food items?

We ask that parents disclose any and all food allergies or concerns at registration. Tara Staff will do everything possible to prepare substitute foods items. The food Tara prepares is southern favorites with a twist for children. Salads or like substitutes are available for most lunches and dinners. Pizza and chicken tenders continue to be the campers favorites.

My child takes medication on certain days. How is this administered?

At registration Tara Staff collects all medication. A dedicated staffer is responsible for making sure medication is taken based upon the parents orders. Medication must arrive in the original container. If any additional medications for any reason are needed, Tara staff telephone a parent for permission.

I have a concern about someone picking up my child that does not have permission.

Your registration form tells us who is “Never to Pick Up Your Child” A sign out sheet is completed on going home day for this reason.

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