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Northern Mockingbird: The Bird of Many Songs

The state bird of Mississippi is an amazing vocalist. It can mimic the calls of almost any bird and has been known to mimic frog calls and other sounds. A male mockingbird may learn as many as 200 different songs in its lifetime.

Have you ever been dive-bombed by a mockingbird? I’ve seen it happen to an unsuspecting passerby who ventured too close to a nest. These small birds will aggressively defend their territory and nests. They will attack people, cats, larger birds, and pretty much anything that gets too close.

See these mockingbirds try to chase away a hawk:

North mockingbirds mate for life, producing 2 to 4 broods of 2 to 6 eggs each year. Their chicks rapidly mature and can fledge from the nest in about 10 days after hatching. Male and female mockingbirds are similar in appearance – grey with overall with darker grey wings with white patches.

These birds are common in backyards and you can often find them sitting on electric wires or hopping on the lawn looking for a snack. They sing in daytime and at night. They eat mostly insects and worms in the summer and fruits and berries in the fall and winter.

Hear their calls:

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