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How to Plan a Successful Corporate Retreat

Spring is a great time to have your corporate retreat or workshop at Tara Wildlife. We have an abundance of outdoor activities that your group can enjoy during their downtime. Make your plans now so that we can help you with your accommodations and make the event a success. Here are some tips on having a successful corporate retreat.

Participants at a corporate retreat at Tara

Participants at a corporate retreat at Tara

Set Goals

Company retreats are a time to review, organize, refocus, problem-solve, and plan for the future. Define the goals of the retreat prior to doing any planning. This will help you determine:

  • who should be included in the retreat
  • what activities to organize
  • how much time you will need to accomplish the goals
  • and what accommodations or services will be needed at your venue

Plan Ahead for Accommodations

Set a clear budget for the retreat based on the number of people attending, the desired activities and goals of the retreat, and the facilities and equipment needed for meetings. Discuss the needs and goals of the company retreat with your selected venue (that’s us!). We can help by suggesting additional activities, alternatives, or discuss cost-saving measures with you.

Presentation room

Presentation room

Here are some things to consider:

  • Do you need breakout rooms for smaller groups?
  • What kind of snack breaks and how many?
  • Do you need presentation equipment?
  • Will you need assistance rearranging the seating areas?
  • Will you need to play a video?
  • How many meals will you need?
  • Are there any dietary limitations of your attendees?
  • Will you need overnight accommodations?
  • What about transportation to off-site venues?

Allow for Downtime

Often, the best discussions happen outside of the formal retreat meetings. Allow for plenty of downtime for your attendees. Don’t try to include too much in one day. Everyone is doing some heavy thinking during the day! Let the activities they can participate in be flexible and not forced. It may be as simple as enjoying a walk on our nature trails or sitting down to relax in the gazebo. Tara is serene and beautiful, providing a relaxing atmosphere for your group.



Mealtime is another opportunity for attendees to get to know each other better and to engage in discussions. With our on-site dining facility, Tara provides the perfect space for this.

Review the Retreat

Was the retreat successful? If it was, you should have a detailed action plan to meet your goals and/or your attendees should come away with new skills or feeling renewed. The best way to know if your attendees feel it was a success is to ask them. What did they like, what didn’t they like, and did they think that the goals were accomplished. Handing out an anonymous survey and having everyone return it before they leave is an important step.

Tara Wildlife Corporate Retreat Facilities

Our Herbert Bryant Conference Center can accommodate up to 65 attendees and has state-of-the art presentation equipment, wireless Internet access, and a variety of amenities to make your corporate retreat or company meeting a success. With on-site dining , lodging, and outdoor activities, your attendees will be able to focus on the task at hand. Learn more about our conference center and facilities for corporate retreats.

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