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A Portrayal of Fannye A. Cooke – Scientist and Conservationist

We have added an entertaining and educational new event at the Spring Birding Weekend this year. You will hear about Fannye A. Cook, who was a pioneer among scientists, conservationists, and women. Cook was born in 1889 in Crystal Springs, Mississippi, in a time when women couldn’t vote, serve on juries, and were considered generally unsuited for the serious business and politics and science. None of this deterred Ms. Cook – and the naysayers may have even emboldened here. Cook was the driving force behind the creation of the Game and Fish Commission – now known as the Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and parks. She founded the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science, led the push to create a system of wildlife management areas and also the push to protect the Gulf of Mexico’s barrier islands, and so much more.

Dr. Shropshire portraying Fannye A. Cook

Dr. Shropshire portraying Fannye A. Cook

Fanny Cooke Portrayed by Wildlife Biologist Dr. Cathy Shropshire

A glimpse at Fannye Cook’s remarkable life unfolds in a 25 minute, biographical portrayal performed by wildlife biologist Cathy Shropshire. Dr. Shropshire retired from the Mississippi Department of Wildlife Fisheries and Parks, served for 10 years as director of the Mississippi Wildlife Federation, and is now the theatrical incarnation of Miss Cook. Dr. Shropshire’s captivating portrayal both entertains and educates, in the spirit of the incredible Fannye Cook.

Don’t miss this portrayal – you’ll learn about the early history of Mississippi and this amazing conservationist and scientist!

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