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Canoeing and Boat Tours

Quapaw Canoe Company Guided Excursion

Quapaw Canoe Company Guided Excursion

In the spring and summer, overnight guests may explore the lakes on our property. Canoeing, kayaking, or other forms of boating at Tara are self-guided. Canoes and life jackets may be made available upon request and can be dropped off at your preferred location.

Lakes at Tara Wildlife

Scenic canoe or kayak trips can be made on two of Tara’s lakes: Halpino Lake (300 acres) and Forest Home Chute. Both lakes have concrete ramps and are easy to access.

Mississippi River Canoe Excursions

Local river guide John Ruskey of Quapaw Canoe Company leads guided canoe excursions on the Mississippi River in his hand-carved canoes. Guests must be physically fit enough to paddle to participate. Reservations can be made upon request; please call ahead for pricing. Seasonal and weather limitations apply.

Eagle Lake

Eagle Lake is a public oxbow lake bordering Mississippi and Louisiana and can be accessed directly from Tara. The public boat ramp is only a few miles away. This popular fishing lake provides a scenic location for canoeing and boating. Please talk to our staff about making reservations for this trip. Seasonal and weather limitations apply.

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