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Field Course

Is your company looking for a great spot to host a company outing to build camaraderie and get to know one another better? Do you want to make your family reunion a whole lot of fun with a little friendly competition?

We are now offering a fun and challenging field course that is perfect for groups staying overnight at Tara.


The Field Course

The Field Course includes skill stations that is challenging but also encourages team building, helps people to get out of their comfort zone and try new things, and helps everyone to have fun! The course and stations can be modified to better fit the needs of your group.

After a brief orientation, Tara Staff will guide your group by foot through the course, beginning just beyond the Tara Pond. Enjoy a relaxed, competitive outdoor activity as one group. After each activities completion, the group progresses to the next challenge station.

The field course cost is $25 per person

The field course includes 6 stations:

Spear throw station

Spear throw station

  • .22 Rifle Target Shooting (3 shots)
  • Skeet Shooting (3 shots)
  • Spear Throwing (3 throws)
  • Sling Shot Target Shooting (3 throws)
  • Knife Throwing (3 throws)
  • Tomahawk Throwing (3 throws)

After the course has been completed, your group will be able to relax and enjoy the natural beauty of Tara. This can be a great way to have your employees bond and enjoy outdoor activities together.

For more information or to book a date, please contact Mark Bowen at 601-279-4261.

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