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Wildflowers in the Grass – Stop and Smell the Roses

There are always so many things to do in a day, aren’t there? We have our to-do lists, jobs, errands, and more pulling us in multiple directions. Sometimes it’s hard to remember to pause and take a look at the world around us.

Stop and Smell the Roses, or Wildflowers

As we were walking around Tara the other day getting things ready for our next summer camp, we took a moment to reflect and enjoy the scenery around us. You wouldn’t believe all of the tiny little wildflowers we found just sitting at our feet. How many times had we walked past them without even noticing? This moment served as a reminder to us to stop and appreciate the small things in nature. You’ve heard the saying ‘stop and smell the roses,’ well, in this case, we were reminded to ‘stop and see the tiny flowers.’

Here are some of the tiny wildflowers in the grass that we saw. Hope you enjoy them!

Pink wildflower

Pink wildflower

Unknown tiny purple flowers

Brazilian vervain (Verbena brasiliensis)

Small Clover Flower

Small Clover Flower

Clasping Venus's Looking Glass (Triodanis biflora)

Clasping Venus’s Looking Glass (Triodanis biflora)

Bird's Eye Speedwell (Veronica persica)

Bird’s Eye Speedwell (Veronica persica)

Smartweed (Polygonum spp)

Smartweed (Polygonum spp)

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